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Good thing gone bad

I'm not sure if people here are aware of the drivingrevenue thing, and I've only just discovered the scorecardresearch thing. Both of these are plain examples of LJ doing things that users would not want, if only they knew about them.

The drivingrevenue is that LJ sends your browser a script that modifies links you click, and notifies external sites about links you mouse over. It's a way of making money for LJ.

The scorecardresearch thing sends info about the pages you visit to a market research company. It's a way of making money for LJ.

If you look at your LJ privacy settings, you won't find any mention of these. You haven't opted in to them.

So that's two more reasons not to use LJ any more. I'm on dreamwidth. I have dreamwidth invites if you want to go there. If you don't, you can read me on LJ here: jbanana_dw
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