J (banana) wrote,

Floating entry

Happy birthday to J,
73 today!
Future dating this po-ost
By a long way.


Will I live this long?

Explanation: If you make an LJ post with the date set a long way into the future, and use the "backdate entry" feature, it never appears on anyone's friends page, but it sits at the top of you journal until that date comes.

Tip for Semagic users: If you hit "Edit last entry" it shows you your floating entry, but not if you select "Load last todays entry" (under Options, Advanced).

Many of my posts are friends-only. If this journal seems light and trivial, well, it is, but there's more blood, sweat and tears to read if you have an LJ account and I befriend you, although you're more likely to find me on Dreamwidth now.
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